Hi, I’m Mayowa. I am a Self-Help Coach and Mindfulness Mentor helping women to conquer anxiety and overwhelm through the practice of desert spirituality. This transformative process is modelled on the psychospiritual practices embraced by early Christian monks and hermits in the 3rd century.

The art of journeying inward and cultivating interior silence is a practice that is too often stifled by the noise of a busy and chaotic world. However, without this practice one cannot achieve peace and begin to walk in their purpose.


In 2014, after experiencing severe anxiety I was unable to work for 6 months. I had been trying to get a business off the ground whilst working full time. When I finally started to get somewhere I was burnout, exhausted and rendered unfit for work. During my time off I had no other choice but to switch off autopilot and practice stillness. Through this practice I was able to hear and respond to the call to ditch the busyness of the London city and opt for a more contemplative life in heart of North Wales.

My experience with practicing Christian spirituality in the way of the early Desert Mothers and Fathers has been transformative. It  harnesses the practice of self-reflection and self-evaluation which is essential in fostering a heart of humilty. From this place we are freed from the overwhelm that comes with self-elevation and earthly attachments and we are able to achieve full union with God. From this place only can we truly achieve freedom and walk in our God-given purpose.